Let’s talk about you and me

Warm you hearts during these cold days with this description about a very nice youth exchange, where we were partners last year 👌

Let’s talk about you and me – Croatia 🇭🇷

In October we had a chance to participate in an amazing project in Croatia. The topic of the project was culturaldifferences such as religion, different kind of loves, terrorism, discrimination, stereotypes etc. These are really important nowadays, because most people judge each other so easily, and they didn’t even know the other person.

In this project we had the opportunity to get to know eachother more, be more open-minded with poeple from differentcultures, and try to understand their point of view. And of course, we could make really good new friendships in this 9 days.

We discussed about our opinion in amazing sessions and we had so much fun as well. We had some outdoor activities like yoga and outdoor sessions thanks to the nice weather.

Six countries participated, Italy, Greece, Macedonia, Poland, Turkey and Hungary. Every country showed us their national food, drink, and talk a little about their country during the intercultural nights, and during sessions.

After all, we had really great time there, made good friendships, and learn a lot about each other.

Dates: 1st – 9th of October, 2018

City: Slavonski Brod

Hosting org: Lokalni Volonterski Centar SB


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